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Our Community Involvement

The Hitachi Community Action Partnership (HCAP) is our signature program for community engagement across North America. Employee-led Community Action Committees (CACs) organize the talent and resources of their companies to make a difference in communities where our facilities are located. The program is rooted in the idea that companies, like citizens, must be active participants in society. HCAP cultivates meaningful relationships in North America by fostering deeper understanding of local issues and nurturing employee innovation in community problem-solving. Our CACs are strategically mobilizing employee time, talent, and philanthropy toward priority community issues at a local level.

Among the organizations we support are Relay for Life, United Way, March of Dimes, Red Cross, American Cancer Society and many others. We support educational programs, wellness programs, senior citizen initiatives and local conservation and community beautification efforts.

We’re big supporters of local Chambers of Commerce, Youth League Soccer, Little League baseball, and more.

Bowling & Bonding

Bowling & Bonding

Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc.'s LA teamates recently enjoyed a company sponsored bowling night at the Valley View Lanes! Vowing to be one of the representatives at the Japan Bowling Tournament this year, employees showed their “skills.” From power bowlers to bumper bowlers, the Los Angeles group had fun bowling and bonding, while enjoying pizza and good conversation. Watch out, Los Angeles will be serious competition this year!

2016 Bowling & Bonding Regional Science Bowl

[Image] 2016 Bowling & Bonding Regional Science Bowl

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) Regional Science Bowl (in partnership with Los Angeles Area School Districts) is one of the Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee’s (SCRCAC) two Signature events. Held in downtown Los Angeles, this fierce competition brings together the best and the brightest from high schools all over Southern California in an all-day rivalry for the Hitachi Scholarships. Demonstrating grace under pressure, quick reflexes and superior knowledge of advanced science, math and technology concepts, North Hollywood High School (this year’s winner) has won this competition 17 times. The competition tests the region’s sharpest students’ reflexes, teamwork skills and knowledge in a fun competitive atmosphere using a television game show format that involves toss-up and bonus questions, buzzers and timed responses. Students, parents and LADWP are always very grateful for Hitachi’s support and happy to have us present the Hitachi Scholarships to the winning team members. This event can be viewed on LA CityView- Channel 35 and KLCS-Channel 58, where our Hitachi banner is proudly displayed (along with several other credits).

Blood Drive at Harrodsburg Plant

[Image] 2016 Bowling & Bonding Regional Science Bowl

Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc.-HK has been coordinating with the KBC to organize voluntary blood donation from HK team members for more than a decade. The life-saving donations of blood collected from team members will be utilized by local hospitals in order to benefit those who need it most in over half of all counties in the state of Kentucky. During the time that Hitachi has been participating in blood drives hosted by the KBC, the facility has consistently scheduled 4 blood donation events annually. During each blood drive, an average of 50 participants have made donations totaling around 50 pints of blood. This adds up to about 200 pints of blood collected from HK team members per year, which accounts for over 20% of total donations collected by the KBC from the Mercer County community annually.

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